How Can I Sell Lashes - 3 Steps of Selling Lashes

Sep 15, 20
How Can I Sell Lashes - 3 Steps of Selling Lashes

Talking from experience..

"Selling" is the most profitable skill you can ever have.

It can take you from being super broke with credit card debt.. to someone who's got control in their life.

So let's not waste any time, and here are the 3 steps you need to learn to start selling lashes:

1. You need people to sell your lashes to.

This is pretty obvious, but how many sellers actually think of this.

After coaching 300 girls and helping them start their business, I noticed this is super overlooked.

If there's no one to buy your lashes, then you won't be selling any lashes.

Lucky for you though..

Selling lashes is a HUGE market.

And it keeps on growing.

But when you wanna sell something with such demand, you need to niche down your customer.

You can't be selling to everyone because no one will be sold to.

I always say:

You can't talk to everyone cuz no one will feel heard.

Niching down your customer allows you to ACTUALLY speak to your customer.

If you speak to them directly, they'll listen.

So instead of selling to every human being that wears lashes, how about niche down your customer to only rave girls who love wearing lashes.

Or to only makeup artists who love lashes.

Maybe even to only fashionable girls who love wearing lashes to match their outfit.

There's a ton of "sub-niches" that you can target to sell your lashes to.

Pick one. Learn everything about them. And speak to them.

This helps you sell more and charge more.

Cuz think about it, would you rather do a heart surgery with a normal surgeon, or do your heart surgery with a heart surgeon?

Heart surgeons make more than normal surgeons.

Hope you get the point.

2. You need a platform to speak to your customer.

Let's say you picked makeup artists to sell your lashes to.

Well how're you gonna speak to them..?

We ain't gonna go door to door and look for makeup artists to speak to.

You want your customer to come to you.

You don't have to go chasing them.

So for this, you can use IG, TikTok, or even YouTube to speak to your customer.

(BTW: By "speaking" to your customer, I mean how're you gonna be attracting them and making them hear your message, know what I mean?)

Whatever platform you use though, you need to show the image of your ideal customer.

For example..

You picked IG.

Then your pics need to have your ideal customer in them.

You don't have customers? Pretty sure you have friends and familia.

Make them represent your ideal customer. (if they're comfortable)

And take pics with your lashes showcasing them.

Pick lashes that your customer wants as well.

Don't show dramatic lashes when your customer prefers short ones.

And try to make your overall message congruent.


From the bio to the first post, everything needs to be connected.


3. Too many girls are starting to sell lashes.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't be though.

It just means there's lots of opportunity.

But it also means there's lots of competition.

And niching down your customer helps eliminate some of the competition.

You know what also eliminates some of the competition?

Being different.

How many people who sell lashes actually show their face in their brand?

Apart from our girl Lily, who else shows their face when selling lashes?

I'd say not a lot.

When you show your face in your brand, and you start talking about the lashes, you start developing relatability with your future customer.

That helps you build more trust and most people connect more with that.

They start loving your brand, especially when you have an amazing personality.

They start buying YOU more than buying the lashes.

So don't be afraid to show your face and letting people know you're the CEO of the company.

Hope that helps!!

These were the 3 steps of how to sell lashes.

I hope you'll use all of them cuz they're all equally important.

I know we didn't go over shipping, cases, package designs, or labelling and whatnot.

It's because all of that stuff comes after this.

If you don't know how to sell the lashes..

Then forget everything else.

As long as you have lashes to sell, then everything else comes second to satisfy your customers more.

But knowing how to SELL the lashes is the first step.

Most girls buy their stock and designs and logo and everything else, but they fail the first week cuz they don't know how to sell their lashes.

Lucky for you though, in our Wholesale Success Program, we go over everything.

Once you buy your stock from us, you'll be receiving daily emails to mentor you with selling lashes. And you'll be getting our best selling lashes. That means the guess work is already done for you.

You can find our Wholesale Success Program when you click here.

Lots of girls found it useful, so maybe you will as well.

Apart from that, use these 3 steps, and I hope you'll be on your way to making your first sale with your lashes.

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