Our Mission

True Story:

Back in December 2019..

We had a goal to have 3,000 happy MUAs.

As more orders started coming in.

Our customers weren't satisfied because our shipping took almost a month. 

We had more orders than we can keep up, so most orders got delayed.

The biggest problem was...

One customer who bought over $100 worth of lashes wrote to us,

"I'm a MUA and got your lashes because so many girls loved them.
I wanted to use them on a client who had terminal cancer.
The client was told they have about 2 months to live, and your lashes didn't even come yet.
I feel so bad cuz she's 24 with a 4 year old daughter. 
She has no eyelashes left on her eyes so I wanted her to see how beautiful she really is on her life ceremony.

But your lashes are taking forever to deliver."

We had a decision to make..

We can either tell the MUA that we feel sorry for her.

Or we can actually do something about it.

We chose the second option.

This is why we've decided for every order..

We donate $1 to breast cancer foundations like:

https://www.lbbc.org/ (Living Beyond Breast Cancer)

https://www.bcrf.org/ (Breast Cancer Research Foundation)

And we hope you can contribute too.

We've fixed our shipping issue and..

We hope to see more girls wearing Luma Lashes.

Thank you,


P.S. You can contribute for this cause when buying our best selling lashes right here.