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Lilly Lashes sells one pair for $30

8 Pairs = $240

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I would like to reserve the $14.95 Dramatic Set of Lashes ($240 value)

These luma lashes were so good... even amazon started making the cheap looking version

  • The quality is the same as Lilly, glamnetics & even moxie lashes (maybe even better 🤷‍♀️)

  • Over 10,000+ customers bought these lashes in 2020 from our IG.

  • Each set contains 8 pairs of lashes

  • Handmade by high paid artisans. They're ethically sourced and cruelty free!

  • One pair can be reused up to 25 times! 

  • Only 55 sets of lashes: we only have a short supply after going viral on IG. We only ask that you help us with shipping & handling because the USPS cost has gone up due to global events.

I would like to reserve the $14.95 Dramatic Set of Lashes ($240 value)


Only 55 Sets of lashes Available - Claim Yours Now

You are receiving the Drama Queen set of Lashes: a handmade faux mink that is used by 16,735+ of MUAs on IG.

Product details:

✅ Materials: high quality faux mink

✅ Length: 22mm

✅ Value: $240, yours for $14.95 while stocks last

Quick Shop Facts:

✅ All orders are fulfilled within one business day

✅ 14 day guaranteed delivery

✅ 100% quality and satisfaction guaranteed

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I would like to reserve THE $14.95 Dramatic Set of Lashes ($240 value)

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