#1 MUA Recommended Magnetic Lashes

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  • A Bit Too Easy to Use: Even if you never applied lashes

  • Reusable: Could Last Up To 20-25 Wears (depends)

  • Waterproof: You can actually swim with these

  • Contact us if you're not getting compliments 😉

"Show me where to get 10 pairs of magnetic lashes at this price and I'll be your client forever 😳"

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That's what one makeup client told me 🤫

They didn't believe I get my magnetic lashes at this price 😭

But since "Luma Lashes" are going viral, you too could get these magnetic lashes for the same price!

You could search all of Google and you won't find 10 pairs of magnetic lashes like these.

Not only that.

But girl.

Have you seen the quality?

Last time I saw this good of quality was at Glamnetics.

They're good but so expensive! 😭

The only issue now is that more girls are finding Luma Lashes.

And there isn't enough stock in their small warehouse.

So click "Pick my Bundle" to get these magnetic lashes before we have to wait two months for restock!

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee 

(Plus we pay you $5 extra if you get a client who doesn't like the lashes)

  • UP TO 25 WEARS

    That means one set of lashes will last you up to 250 wears. Too good to be true? 


    The lash band is already precut to sit on your eye perfectly.


    We used special ingredients in the eyeliner so that it stays on all day long!


    Our special ingredient in the eyeliner made these new Luma Lashes stay all day long!


    Each lash has 5 magnets. So if you ever feel the need to trim them, the magnets will still stay. 


    We KNOW you won't ever feel the need to try other lashes once you try these new Luma Lashes


Lashes have never been this easy to apply! Not only that, but magnetic lashes tend to be more expensive because of their quality. This is why we decided to sell them in 10 pair so you can save more! Here's a comparison of Luma Lashes and other lashes:

Eyelash Extensions

Strip Lashes

Reusable 200 Wears (20 per pair)

Price Per Wear




5 Magnets




Easy to Remove

1-Minute Application

Deena A.

5.0 / 5.0

Dallas, TX


"I've tried wearing lashes before and could never get them straight or I'd have too much glue in my eyes. These new luma lashes were so easy to apply! If you can draw a straight line with liquid eyeliner, then that's literally half the battle LOL"

Amanda S.

5.0 / 5.0

New York, NY

"Great even if you have short curly lashes"

"The new styles are so cute and so easy to put on! But these lashes have been a life saver for me cause I gave up trying to use glue ones. Now it's not even a challenge :)"

Meta L.

5.0 / 5.0

Los Angeles, CA

"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY type of good"

"You could use these multiple times and they're so easy to apply! I'm recommending this to everyone."

Melody T.

5.0 / 5.0

Tempe, AZ

"Beautiful Lashess"

"These lashes were beyond my expectations! It was kinda cool not having to deal with the sticky glue and there's lots of styles you can choose from when you buy"


Do those lashes look natural or "party style"?

One set of lashes contains different styles ranging from "natural" to "party style". That way you or your client won't have a hard time finding the best lashes to wear. 

What's the length of the lash band?

The band on the lashes is thin. That way it's easier to apply, and the lashes won't keep coming off in the inner corners. (we feel your pain)

Does the package actually come with an applicator?

Yes! We made it as beginner friendly as possible! :)

Do we need glue for these lashes?

Each package contains two magnetic eyeliner. You will be using those eyeliners to apply the lashes. So no glue is needed, you'll use the given eyeliners instead. 

Will those lashes lift off from the inner corner?

They usually don't because the eyeliner is strong enough. But if you're finding that the inner corner is getting unstuck, then just apply the eyeliner on the ends of the lashes more. 

What should I use to clean the lashes?

We recommend a standard makeup remover or makeup wipes. That way your lashes can last up to 25 wears. 

Are those magnetic lashes harmful for the eyes?

Honestly it depends on your eyes. But we've had over 9,000 customers (some who had sensitive eyes) and nobody complained about irritation in the eyes. 

How do you remove the eyeliner after taking off lashes?

1. Prepare makeup remover or micellar water.

2. Remove magnetic eyelashes.

3. Wash face with warm water.

4. Use q-tips dipped in makeup remover (or micellar water) on your real lashes to take off eyeliner.

Honestly it's a pretty easy process. 

How many magnetic lashes come in 1 package?

You will have exactly 10 pairs. 

Can I use these lashes if I don't have lashes?


How many times can I reuse one pair of lashes?

20-25 times with good care.

5-15 times with bad care.

But it all depends how good you take care of them.

What are the lengths of these lashes?

They range from 10mm-15mm

Will they stay on during a sweaty workout?

The lashes are waterproof, so sweat wouldn't be much of an issue. Just make sure you apply them thoroughly before a workout. 

"Will the eyeliner poke you in the inner corner? I've had bad experiences with that before"

Every eye has a different size. So before applying the lashes, make sure the lashes match your eyes. If they don't, then just cut them a little bit. The trick is to match the eyelashes with your eyes, and that way, there won't be any eyeliners poking you in the eye. (Although the lashes are already in average length.) 

How many magnets are in one lash?
There are five light magnets. You'll notice the lashes will just "click" when you apply them. 
Are those lashes cruelty free?

Yes! They are faux mink. 

10 Pairs of Magnetic Luma Lashes

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  • 10 Pairs in Each Set

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

30 Pairs of Magnetic Luma Lashes

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JUST $3.67 / Pair

Free Bonuses When You Order Today

  • Free x2 Magnetic Eyeliners

  • Free Lash Applicator

  • 10 Pairs in Each Set

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76 Remaining

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

20 Pairs of Magnetic Luma Lashes

  • 50% OFF

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Free Bonuses When You Order Today

  • Free x2 Magnetic Eyeliners

  • Free Lash Applicator

  • 10 Pairs in Each Set

76 Remaining

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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