Makeup Brush Cleaner

The Real Reason You Have Acne is Because Your Brushes are not Fully Clean
Cleans 99% of bacteria on your brushes
Takes only 30 seconds for 1 brush
Dries brushes right away

56% of women experience acne breakout even after their teenage years. The reason is not because of poor diet, dehydration, or dirty pillow. The real reason is dirty brushes.

Just think about how often you clean your brushes. And if so, how clean really?

Plus the chemicals from the makeup are not made to stay on your face for a long time. So imagine the makeup that's left on your brushes.

Now, you can prevent those breakouts by easily cleaning your makeup brushes!


With this efficient makeup brush cleaner you can easily remove built-up residue caused by foundation, concealer, powder and facial oils! 

Not only will this keep your makeup brushes free of dirty chemicals, but after 30 days, your skin will feel smoother and cleaner.

What you’ll get:

  • Automatic brush cleaning: Hand cleaning makeup brushes is troublesome and tedious. With this spinning makeup brush cleaner, you won’t have to use your hands much in order to clean the brush as it will be cleaned effortlessly by itself. 

  • Fast and efficient cleaning: Washing and drying makeup brushes take forever and you're stuck waiting. With the makeup brush cleaner, that time is cut down to mere seconds! You'll be enjoying your freshly clean and dry brush within 60 seconds, all while keeping your hands clean.

  • No damage to brush: Cleaning can be gruesome and therefore damage the delicate hair of the brush. But not with this your brush bristles undamaged and flawlessly intact.

  • Portable and rechargeable: The rechargeable base means that your makeup brush cleaner is always charged and ready to go wherever you go.

How to use:

  • 1. Dip and Dunk

  • 2. Spin to Rinse

  • 3. Spin to Dry

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